Review: 4th session of Face Resizing Care at Yakson – 약손명가/ Price and schedule

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If you are really serious about toning up the look of your jawline and improving your facial structure, then you have to be committed to attend a relaxing sessions of Yakson House =)


I am currently at my 4th session with them, imagine how time flies so fast. I wish I could have hundreds of sessions  because I am liking the result plus a superb relaxing day for me,however you can totally see the difference just right after the 10th or 20 sessions. Amazing right?! It will  only take a few weeks.

If you were following my journey here  and on my YouTube channelyou’ll know that they always started with a back massage. but this time they started with a RIBS and  STOMACH MASSAGE.


First thing that they asked me to do was to remove my kimono  and lay down in bed facing them for the rib massage. Yes I don’t have anything on my top but that’s fine because they are all professional. Of course I can’t post myself during that session so please refer on the picture above =)

Next is stomach massage,this is also called ABDOMINAL MASSAGE. It can be excellent for stimulationg the bowel movements due to stress or dietary issues, relieving the discomfort of gas on the inside and of course for slimming purposes. A stomach massage were done using a firm but gentle pressure, beginning under the rib cage and moving clockwise around the area with meaningful circular motions.


Then, their signature shoulder and face massage are the next steps. What I love about having a session with them is that thay always have a new set of procedures =) Followed by cleansing my face, I believe face massage and cleansing are the best part for me and also the suction machine (but they wasn’t use the SPM that time). 



Alright, the highlighted part of this whole Face Resizing Care is GOLKI THERAPY. No pain no gain girls so you have to deal with the tolerable pressure. It will only take a few minutes. A road and secret to achieve slimmer face. 

Instead of slimming mask, they used a cold modelling  mask for oil control. Perfect for me because I do have a combination type of skin. T-zone is oily and the rest is normal. They let it dry for 20 minutes on my face. Then, skin care (toner, Spf and BB cream) was applied as my last step.


The procedure always lasted for 2 relaxing hours. I am always excited to go there and treat myself an incredible experience. It is not just to achieve an ideal facial structure but more on the good blood circulation side. After that I feel really lightweight and refreshed. 

I also want to thank Ms, Kim and the 2 beautiful staffs for the good customer assistance. More sessions to go! =)

Please subcribe me on my youtube channel to see more of these: Sharmaine


Yakson House Philippines is located at 117 Don Perla Condominium, Don C. Palanca Street, Makati. They are open Mondays to Saturdays from 10AM to 8pm.



If you want to know more about Yakson House, click their Facebook page or visit their website at  WWW.YAKSONHOUSE.PH/PH/.



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