Review: 5th Sesssion at Yakson – 약손/ Medicine Salt Massage

HI Guys!

I am back with another session at Yakson House!

If you are not sure what program is perfect for you, then let me help you by showing all of their services including the price. Just click the desired service.


Programs for the Face:

Programs for Body:

Special Programs:

Choose whichever program suites the best for you and see and feel the results within just a few weeks! Under professional supervision, Ms. Kim(Manager) herself will perform various procedures to you.


My 5th visit was another unusual experience for me.


They started again with Abdominal and chest massage (Please refer to my 4th session) to see some of the actual clips during the Abdominal massage.


One of the main purpose of Abdominal massage is to have a good digestion and relieve the discomfort gas inside, you know what I observed after Ate Lian performed the massage was my tummy area feels so light and the funny thing is I farted (TMI) for a couple of times! haha BUT no smell at all and it was just a little noise. I am really happy because I can say that the massage does its job. =)

Then followed by   shoulder massage and face cleansing which makes me fell asleep. After those procedures here comes the exciting part for  me, the skin care.


The salt was very fine and it is not an ordinary salt that we can see through our kitchen. According to Ate Lian, that salt was from Korea and it has medicinal purposes which is to prevent acne or pimples from being active and even remove your blimishes. She spread it very gently starting on my neck and massage it in a very very very light up,down and side to side motion. It has a tingling feeling on my face but very tolerable.

And then, she did not remove the salt yet and place the charcoal mask above it. That was the best time to put a mask while the pores are open to easily absorb the benefits of the mask.


Then the mask was removed and my face was cleansed before Golik Therapy.


A few stretching moment and done!! =)

These photos were taken right after the session and look how my skin is glowing  and I like it how my jawline looks smaller here!! =)))

They are having their promo for this summer guys! Don’t missed the chance to get 10% discount and a free of 2 sessions!!



If you want to know more about Yakson House, click their Facebook page or visit their website at  WWW.YAKSONHOUSE.PH/PH/.



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